All about Gomati River

Gomati River


▪️ Gomti, Gumti or Gomati River is a  

tributary of the Ganga. 

▪️The Gomti originates from Gomat 

Taal which formally known as  

Fulhaar jheel, near Madho Tanda,  

Pilibhit, India. 

▪️ It extends 900 km through Uttar 

Pradesh and meets the Ganga River  

near Saidpur, Kaithi in Ghazipur. 

▪️ Length: 900 km 

▪️Lucknow is on Gomati.

▪️According to Hindu mythology, the river is the daughter of the Hindu sage Vashist; bathing in the Gomti on Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the two lunar phases of the Hindu calendar month) can wash away sins. 

▪️ According to Bhagavata Purana one of Hinduism's major religious works, the Gomti is one of India's transcendental rivers.  

▪️The rare Gomti Chakra is found there.