Luni River


Luni River

▪️Luni is an endorheic river.

▪️The Luni or the Salt River (Lonari 
or Lavanavari in Sanskrit) is named  
so because its water is brackish  
below Balotra. 

▪️It is also known as the Sagarmati. 

▪️It originates from Western slopes of  
the Aravalli ranges near Ajmer.
▪️Its total catchment area falls in  

▪️Luni is the only river basin of any  
significance in Western Rajasthan, which form the bulk of arid zone. 

▪️Luni originates from western slopes of the  Aravalli ranges at an elevation of 772 m  
near Ajmer flowing in South West  
direction and traversing a course of 511  
km in Rajasthan, it finally flow into the  
Rann of Kachchh (it gets lost in the  

▪️Most of its tributaries drain the steep   north west of Aravalli hills and join it on   left side.

लूणी नदी [अरावली] पर्वत के निकट अजमेर जिले के नाग पहाड़ से उत्पन्न होकर दक्षिण पश्चिम क्षेत्र में नागौर, पाली, जोधपुर, बाड़मेर, जालौर राजस्थान में 330 किलोमीटर प्रवाहित होते हुए, गुजरात [कच्छ] के रण में जाकर मिलती है।