Mahanadi River

Mahanadi River

▪️The Mahanadi River system is the third largest of peninsular India and the largest river of Odisha state.

▪️Its basin extends over states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha and comparatively smaller portions of Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

▪️ The river originates from Sihawa in Chattisgarh and Drains near False point in Odisha, Bay of Bengal

▪️Tributaries :

  Left - Seonath, mand, Ib, Hasdeo

    Right - Ong, Parry, jonk, Telen

▪️ The Mahanadi was notorious for its devastating floods for much of recorded history. Thus it was called 'the sorrow of Orissa'.

▪️At Sambalpur the Hirakud Dam (one of the largest dams in India) on the river has formed a man-made lake 35 miles (55 km) long.

▪️Puri, at one of its mouths, is a famous pilgrimage site.

▪️Mahanadi basin, because of its rich mineral resource and adequate power resource, has a favorable industrial climate.