Narmada River

Narmada River

▪️It is located mainly in Madhya Pradesh.

▪️The Narmada River is also known as the Rewa River.

▪️The River is originated from Maikala range near Amarkantak.

▪️It is a West flowing river.

▪️The River flows through Gujarat, Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

▪️Its total length from its source in Amarkantak to its estuary in the Gulf of Khambhat is 1,310 km

▪️The tributaries of Narmada River are Kolar River, Shakkar River, Dudhi River, Tawa River, and Hiran River.

▪️Major Hydro Power Project in this river are Maheshwar Dam, Sardar Sarovar Dam, and Indira Gandhi Sagar Dam

▪️ To Hindus the Narmada is one of the seven holy rivers of India; the other six being Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Sindhu, and Kaveri.

▪️There are several islands in the estuary of the Narmada of which Aliabet is the largest

▪️ Narmada rivers fall into the Arabian Sea do not form deltas, but only estuaries